solution : esxtop -R fails with VsiCache_Init():Failed

You can run esxtop in replay mode.  Replay mode  will allow you  to playback the data of a vm-support command by way of esxtop statistics

We played with esxtop -R and got the same error over and over again.

VsiCache_Init():Failed to open(–12.23/hungvm/vsi/vsi.0): No such file or directory
esxtop: cannot find–12.23/hungvm/vsi/vsi.0, all vm-support snapshots have been used

Googling around brought me to an explanation that the datastore was full. This was not the case. In the end we found the explanation :
……    We forgot the ./ step..

To summarize: here are the steps to use the esxtop -R on a vsphere 5.x host

  1. vm-support -p -w /vmfs/volumes/somewhereouttheredatastore/
    this creates a tar file e.g–12.23.tgz
  2. cd to that directory where the tar is located: e.g :
    cd /vmfs/volumes/somewhereouttheredatastore/
  3.  untar this
    tar -zxvf–12.23.tgz
  4. after that cd to that directory
  5. cd /vmfs/volumes/somewhereouttheredatastore/–12.23
  6. ./
  7. after that run esxtop -R
    esxtop – R .
    (or esxtop -R /vmfs/volumes/somewhereouttheredatastore/–12.23 )


Keep in mind that the syntax is different in other versions. The above syntax is for version 5.x







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