symantec vietool fails when running from command prompt

vietool is a commandline tool from symantec to whitelist your virtual image = Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Virtual Image Exception tool
I’ve put it in my powershell script which I run on every new vdi template. But first time I ran it , I got an error

“ERROR: Failed to run service: Service start error (Error code: 3)”

I only found 1 page with google that looked a lot like my error :

But, I got error 3.

Solution :

After putting the vietool.exe locally on the C drive of the VM , it worked

It is at this point not explicitly mentioned in the VIEtool manual (there is something about removing it afterwords from your base image so you could guess it)

I just put this online, maybe it could be of use for someone….



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