We are using a lot of Teradici Zero Clients. This one was driving our users and our helpdesk nuts. Sessions got disconnected while they were working after 20 hours. For some pools we have an ‘immediately log off after disconnect’ policy which causes them to loose work.

For the other pools, they could reconnect to their session, but stil frustrating.

Luckily I came accross this blog post, https://planetmattblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/horizon-6-0-upgrade-notes-sessions-disconnecting-after-20-hours/

In short. There is a setting that forces ‘legacy’ clients to disconnect. In our case they are not legacy but we still have this issue. How to set this, follow this ‘old’ KB but it is still valid for us. As it was an old KB I did not notice it first. But after caming onto Matts blog post description, I found it.


Changing the settings under the VMware global settings Forcibly Disconnect Users to a high number as recommended in the Teradici release notes for 5.2.x does not work with our zero clients. Still getting disconnected right at the 20 hour (1200 minute) mark after setting this to 99998 minutes (69 days).

Just adding this one to my blog as others could benefit from this too

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