VMware view and Juniper SSL VPN – printer redirection issues

Some time ago I stumbled upon an issue with combination of VMware View 5.3, Juniper SSL VPN and printer redirection.

For Juniper SSL VPN we always follow the recommended releases. So we ended up in this situation..

We have VMware View 5.3 and  Juniper VPN SSL. (highest version at that time was : 8.1r1  , BUT recommended release 8.0R7.1 (build 32723)  )

Everything works with this setup, except for local printer redirection…

When you upgrade the VMware view client to ANY horizon version VMware view is not even detected by the juniper SSL VPN.


  • we could not upgrade our client versions to a higher version because the Juniper SSL VPN webinterface did not recognise that VMware view is installed
  •  we could not upgrade our Juniper SSL VPN as it is not the recommended release which could cause other issues. We even tried it in a test environment but even that did not help

So after many attempts I finally found a workaround for this :

I tried installing the VMware view agent 6 in a testpool and …. magic…. printer redirection works combined with the VMware view 5.3 client and the Juniper SSL  !!!

As we only needed this for a dedicated group, I’ve setup a dedicated pool for only the people who needed printing