Slow response and slow dragging of a window from one display to another with View PCoIP session.

We have already for some time issues when using 2 bigs screens in a PCoIP session in windows 7 VM’s

We had a workaround and used an XP driver to solve this (we lost the 3D and aero and stuff but this was not an issue in this case)

Today we finally found a workaround.

Shut down the VM, edit the .vmx file and add at the end the following line

mks.poll.headlessRates=”1000 100 2″

or you can use the vsphere client to change this  -> There is a KB that describes it

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  1. Another possible culprit in such a scenario is the available video memory on the vGPU in the VM. Make sure it´s maxed out to enhance performance while using multi-display PCoIP sessions.

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