Horizon 7 – connection server fails to install with rollback

I tried to install Horizon 7 , connection server but it always failed with a rollback at the end.

In the logs I found the following errors :

adamInstUtil: Util_IsValidAddress: failed to parse “servername” as an IPv4 address. An invalid argument was supplied.
adamInstUtil: ERROR: Cannot read non-existent file: “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\sslgateway\conf\locked.properties”
adamInstUtil: Failed to hash recovery password.


I tried to find something on this but nothing found with the help of Google…
I found issues that looked like this one but had other errors.

Tried it on a plain vanilla 2008r2 server (although 2012R2 is our standard) but to no avail…

I remembered  that I had an issue with an installation with some application in the past where the amount of groups an account was in , made the installation fail.

I tried with another account that was only in a few groups, gave it enought rights and … BAM ! installation succeeded…

Wanted to share this with you all and put the errors so if someone searches google hopefully finds this answer… 🙂


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